Mondrian Lives at the 5 Lazy R

Places / January 15, 2010

The 5 Lazy R Guest Quarters near Jackson Hole is a little like a geode – when it’s cut open, its crystallized forms sparkle inside.

It’s a very simple, two-bedroom cottage with kitchenette and loft . There’s a clean, well-defined living area, with abundant natural light on all sides. And the voluminous space in this 1,100 square foot structure opens to a vista-laden, south-facing terrace.

But its artistic precedents inside are what strike the viewer at once.

“There’s something Mondrian-esque about it –something a little painterly,” said Eric Logan of Carney Architects, who designed the cottage to work within the context of the main house on the site. “That’s what helps define the interior – we ended up with a graphic experience.”

Much of the vibrancy of its colors is derived from translucent, eco-resin-soaked panels from 3Form Material Solutions in Salt Lake City. “They can impregnate them with color, fabric – even grass,” Logan said. “The resin captures the light and diffuses it. Up close, it has a giant bubble wrap appearance.”

One challenge in designing the building lay in minimizing its footprint, while maximizing its use of space. The goal was to make it feel gracious and comfortable. “When you’re in it, it doesn’t feel like the caretaker’s cottage,” he said. “We packed a lot into it.”

Inspiration for its exterior materials came from the simple palette of the main house. The cedar shake roof and shingles are a direct match. At twilight, the copper banding that ties its windows together reflects the silhouetted images of the trees surrounding it. “That’s a nice moment in a very fun project,” Logan said. “For ‘squint value’ it looks like it’s blending in. But it has a more crisp feel about it.”

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on January 15, 2010

“something Mondrian-esque about it” — I’ll say! Not to mention Reitveld. Stunning interior! Thanks so much for sharing this work of art with us, Mike.

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