In Steamboat Springs, a Doctor’s Dream

People / February 2, 2010

Eric Meyer is a busy man.

An anesthesiologist in Steamboat Springs, Colo. he’s also a mountain climber. In 2004, he took on the north face of Everest, and in 2008 he was on the fateful expedition to K2 when 11 climbers were killed (see: If all that weren’t enough, he’s a pilot committed to Operation Smile, correcting the cleft lips and palates of children in third world countries.

His home in Colorado was originally designed and built in 2006 by Katie Kiefer of West Elevation Architects. Last year, the pair collaborated on its total interior redesign, working from what she calls a blank canvas, over a shared cup of tea on the floor of the empty home.

“The hardest thing,” Katie said, “was getting him to let me inside his head, so I could understand how he thought, and find a way to make the house his home. It’s so personal for someone as busy as he is. The question is: ‘What do you do during your down time?’”

Over three months they worked, in a long distance relationship, to create a place to rest as well as a space to entertain. “He went off to Pakistan to climb K2. He’d call every two weeks from a satellite phone. You know – ‘How’s it going? Do you have enough money?’ We’d gotten the work defined, and then got some price quotes, then he’d come back and it would be beautiful.”

The new home is designed for entertaining, she said. “I’ve been in the kitchen when it was just him and me for dinner, but I’ve been in the house when there were 20 people there, and when there were 150.”

One feature in particular is favored by the climbing community when it visits for weeks at a time. Eric’s Sherpa guides say they’re drawn to the rooftop terrace just above the guest suite. It brings them, they say, closer to Katmandu.

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on February 2, 2010

Credit is due to my business partner and collaborator on design, Scott Myller.

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