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The results of its second annual Hansgrohe + Axor Das Design Competition are in. It celebrates excellence in design, sustainability, and installation of products from the Hansgrohe and Axor brands in real-world projects – with winners like The Rockwell Group and Ian Schrager Company, Intexure and Zero Energy Design. A+A recently interviewed jury member Hansgrohe’s Michael Reiman about the competition via email:

What was the intent of the competition?

The Intent was to recognize outstanding projects across the US where Hansgrohe and Axor are specified. It’s always exciting to see how different architects and designers approach our products. We can learn so much from the way they specify them, what is important to them, etc. This gives us great insight as we can learn how to better serve their needs in the future. The competition also allows us to interact with the architects and designers and build our relationships in a new way. It’s been great to meet the winners and honorable mentions and get to know them better.

Its inspiration?

We highlight reference projects on our website, but wanted to do more to celebrate and honor the talent behind them. This competition gives us the opportunity to take it even further.  The results are on our website, on our dedicated dasdesigncomp.com microsite and thanks to outlets like architects & artisans the news is now reaching an even larger audience.

Its challenges?

It was a challenge to make the final selections, as we received some really phenomenal entries. They ranged in terms of style, function, intent, etc. and so it was hard to make comparisons at times.

Its parameters?

To be eligible for entry, all projects submitted to the competition must be based in the United States and have been built and completed between January 1, 2012 and August 14, 2015.

Entries were judged based on the following criteria:

  • The quality of the overall design of the project and the integration of Hansgrohe or Axor products into the scheme. (20 percent)
  • The degree that Hansgrohe/Axor products enhance the design and functionality of the project. (20 percent)
  • The consideration of the environment or sustainability in the design. (20 percent)
  • The quality of installation. (20 percent)
  • The extent of use of Hansgrohe and/or Axor products. (20 percent)

How many entries were there?


Who was on the jury?

Myself, Sheila Kim, Architizer; Mallory Szczepanski, Contract; Jennifer Levine, District Sales Manager at Hansgrohe; Christine Abbate, Principal of Novità Communications; Paul Makovsky, Metropolis

What were the drivers of the competition?

Our sales, marketing and PR teams worked hard to promote the competition. We found that architects and designers were receptive and motivated. You can tell that our entrants are passionate about design done well…and we are too.  It’s all about fostering and nurturing relationships—and building new ones.

What will its effect be?

By recognizing our winners and honorable mentions, we are spreading the word about their talent, and at the same time showcasing how our products can enhance a space in a positive, smart and sustainable way. We believe in building relationships and this platform is a perfect way to do so.

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