Minimalist Cases for Snohetta’s Library

People / Places / Products / May 9, 2013

Sometimes, complexity is masked by simplicity.

That’s the case for a series of four technology cabinets, designed by architects at Snohetta and executed by Eidolon Designs, for the James B. Hunt Library at N.C. State University in Raleigh.

Eidolon’s Mike Parker brought together three different trades to engineer the parts and pieces for a trapezoidal-shaped atrium of the new library.  Each cabinet, made of steel, wood and glass, weighs 850 lbs.  Inside are all the electronic devices needed by students to retrieve books from the two million volumes managed by a robotic delivery system.

“They contain all the information you need to interact with the library,” says Ann Cowperthwaite of Eidolon.  “You order books at the technical displays, from an iPhone, tablet or Mac – it’s where you learn how to use the library.”

The minimalist cases, four feet wide, eight feet long and three feet tall, required a tubular under frame that’s completely square.  Glass was ordered while the cases were under construction.  Eidolon delivered the cases; the glass was delivered and installed in place.

“They’re large, white rectangles, and very stark,” she says.  “They’re defined by the glass panels that seem to come right out of the floor.

The Snohetta-designed library opened in January.

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on May 10, 2013

These are totally AWESOME!!! So sleek and understated yet beautiful and, obviously, very functional. Nicely done Eidolon Designs….but, then there’s no surprise about that! You ROCK!

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