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People / Products / March 31, 2010

Micah Condon manages a gallery of 162 painters from across the nation via a website in Denver.

An artist himself, he started Dailypainters in 2006, inviting in a few others who were painting every day and selling their work online. Within a month, 400 artists had signed up at no charge. He made the transition to a paid site, winnowing out more than half of that initial stable of artists. There’s no commission on works sold, just a flat monthly fee.

Now he gets a few dozen submissions every month, and he uses a jury process to choose which will post. “At this point, we’re not looking to add a lot of artists,” he said. “We’re being very selective about who gets in.”

The most important asset he looks for in an artist is someone who’s developed his or her own style and personality. “We like to know that they’re consistently working at it, and passionate about what they do,” he said. “Daily painting is important – we like to see several new works, at least, every week.”

His clientele includes a lot of collectors who follow their favorite artists online, as well as gallery owners and other artists. On any given day, he said, at least a dozen of the works on the site are marked sold. Prices range from just under $100 to more than $2,000. Most are in the $100 to $500 range.

Micah said the site adds about fifty new works every day to its gallery, for a cumulative total of 50,000 works of art online over a three-year period. “It’s a great way to find and connect to your audience,” he said. “The biggest draw seems to be watching each artist’s daily progress, and what they’re working on.”

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on March 31, 2010

Beautiful!! I love the wide variety of styles and the quality of the images — the brushstrokes are so clearly visible and textural, I can truly envision what the actual painting will look like. What a great find! Thank you!

on March 31, 2010

Everytime I view the art my spirit is lifted.
Amazing lesser known artists.

on March 31, 2010

This is the first cyber gallery I’ve ever seen! What a great idea. I’ll be spending a lot of time in the future gallery hopping.

on March 31, 2010

It’s like having the art world brought into my home, the whole family loves it.

on April 1, 2010

Thanks for featuring our DailyPainters site. I’ve been there almost from the beginning and it’s a great venue to reach out to lots of collectors. It’s also fun to see what my fellow painters come up with each week.

on April 1, 2010

Great that you have featured us! I, too, am a Daily Painter on the gallery. The practice of painting daily and posting with other Artists has changed my artistic practice in a way that immeasurably positive. Our global community is also something I treasure.

on April 1, 2010

This site is one-of-a-kind. It’s amazing what these artists can create in 24 hours. I love getting the emails each day.

on April 1, 2010

The Daily Painters site is a great way for me, as an artist, to make my artwork visible to a large audience.
Thank you for featuring our site of talented artists.

on April 1, 2010

As a member of Daily Painters, I can only express joy at another recognition of my fellow artists. We are all slaves to our art – but willing ones. And when we share it, we are joyful! Thanks! I will be placing this on my blog and Facebook.

on April 1, 2010

Thanks so much for featuring our group of wonderful artists. We are a dedicated group of painters and knowing that people are looking at our work is great for our motivation!

on April 2, 2010

As an artist member of DailyPainters since 2006, it’s been encouraging to connect with other artists who challenge themselves to make something new every day. I love it that we’re all in this together.

The group exposure to an appreciative world-wide audience of collectors has been amazing, as well.

on April 2, 2010

Thanks so much for featuring our site! Being a part of Daily Painters for the past several years has made the biggest difference in my artistic life. It has been truly life-changing to be connected with these other wonderful artists as well as a larger global audience!

on April 2, 2010

It was so kind of you to give attention to Micah and to Daily Painters. It is a unique place, full of lively and classical paintings, very experimental at times, and just plain old great to be on! The exposure is important for all of us artists who are lucky enough to be on Daily Painters and I’d like to give you one huge “thank you” to “Architects and Artisans”!

on April 3, 2010 is a treasure trove of fresh art daily! Not to be missed, totally worthwhile! Thanks for the write up Architects and Artisans!

on April 5, 2010

Thanks so much for recognizing Daily Painters. I have been on the site for almost a year and it has been simply … amazing! For those of us that are crazy enough to paint a painting every day DP gives us the chance to share our art with the world. We appreciate your support and are thrilled we can share our paintings with all of you!

on April 8, 2010

I love being a Daily Painter and Micah is truly an incredible leader. I have met so many new collectors from all over the world who have become dear friends and I also enjoy seeing the beautiful daily work from fellow artists.

on April 9, 2010

What a treat to see our Daily Painters site featured here. It is an amazing community of truly talented artists. Thanks!

on April 9, 2010

I am so proud to be a member of Daily Painters. Thanks for the nod.

on April 10, 2010

Thanks for looking at our art. We paint everyday and hope our interpretations touch another human being in some way. The DP website has been a gift, with Micah’s talent, to help us share with the wider community.

on May 28, 2011

I am another artist on the Daily Painters site. Thanks so much for featuring us. I have been painting daily since January 2006.

on April 7, 2014

I have been with Daily Painters almost from the beginning and will stay forever. Great artists and Micah Condon is a wonderful administrator that has made the careers of many artists starting out though his efforts with DP. I have gained a great following. Still the best on the net!

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